iPads at Owyhee!

iPads at Owyhee!
iPads at Owyhee

iPads at Owyhee


What is this Program?

Nampa School district is in the process of purchasing an iPad for each student in the district to use. Owyhee is one of the first schools to implement this program.

All 2nd grade - 5th grade students will have their own iPad that they alone will use and be responsible for.  These iPads will eventually be able to be sent home on an as needed basis.

Kindergarten - 1st grade will get their own class iPad cart. These carts will have 1 iPad for every 2 students.  These iPads cannot be taken home.


Why are we doing this?

We realize that the world is changing, and the skills needed to be successful outside of school are changing.

Schools and learning are also changing. This is very exciting for us as educators because technology can

  • help us get a faster and more exact picture of where students are
  • give us more tools to intervene with students who need extra help
  • at the same time, allow us to give enrichment opportunities to students who have mastered concepts and would like to explore beyond the current materials.


What will students be doing with the iPads?

This year is a learning year for our school. We are going to take things slowly to make sure that our students, our teachers, and our parents/guardians have the time they need to adjust. However, we will be learning some very important and exciting things with our iPads including how to:

  • take care of a digital device
  • be safe and kind on the internet
  • troubleshoot and fix problems (develop critical thinking skills)
  • use several learning platforms (like MobyMax)
  • improve typing
  • write, draw, program, and create


What will students NOT be doing with the iPads?

We care about our students. We want to make sure that they are safe and that this school is a positive learning environment. Just like our behavior in class, out on the playground, or in the halls, students and teachers have a set of rules and expectations that they will follow with the iPads.

Students will not be:

  • Mistreating equipment
    • Students will receive instruction on how to properly transport, use, and maintain their iPads.
  • Tampering with settings or programs
    • Deleting programs, adding games, or trying to get around security settings will result in disciplinary action.
  • Using, touching, or tampering with someone else’s iPad
    • Students are expected to be responsible for their own iPad. This means that besides parents and teachers, they should be the only ones using their iPad.
  • Video calling, texting, or emailing anyone
    • Students will not be allowed to call, IM, email or text anyone.
  • Going online unsupervised
    • Protecting our students is our priority. Student internet usage will be strictly monitored and controlled by staff at school.
    • Students will only be able to access the internet at school though the Nampa School District network, which means that all searches are run through a very strong firewall.
  • Going to any website that is not pre-approved
    • Students who go to unapproved websites will face disciplinary action
    • We will be teaching a nationally approved (and ISTE aligned) curriculum on internet safety through Common Sense Media so that students know how to stay safe while doing research online.
  • Using iPad time as a replacement for instructional time.
    • We have amazing educators, who do a fantastic job planning and teaching lessons. That will not stop or change with the use of our iPads. We are going to be very careful that iPad use does not take the place of lesson time.  iPad use will strictly be limited to activity, enrichment, intervention, and (eventually) research time.
  • Receiving iPad time as a reward or punishment
    • iPad time is going to strictly fit into pre-planned instructional activity time. The iPads are in our school to be used as instructional tools, and not as behavior incentives.  

Owyhee/ Doceo Video

The Nampa School district is partnering with NNU’s Doceo Center to provide teacher training.


 iPad Video Doceo