Insurance Info and FAQ

iPad Insurance Overview

For more detailed information, please go to Nampa District's website:

What is this?  

Insurance of the iPad and charger issued by the Nampa School District is District property.  

All users will also need to sign the Nampa Personalized Learning (NPL) Acceptable Use Agreement and applicable board policy.  

How much does this cost?

$23.00  for the whole year. 

What is covered?

The insurance will cover the full cost of repair or replacement for one claim per school year.

After the first claim, families will be responsible for a $20 fee for subsequent claims.

Claim events covered by insurance include: 

  • drops
  • spills
  • liquid submersion
  • fire
  • flood
  • natural disasters
  • power surge by lightning 
  • a single lost device (contact school or Information Services)
  • vandalism (contact school or Information Services)
  • theft (contact school or Information Services)
  • Incidental damage to someone else’s device

What is not covered? 

Events and items are not covered in the case of purposeful or negligent damage.

Claim events are subject to evaluation by the building administrator and/or Information Services on a case-by-case basis when the nature of a claim event is in question.

Is this insurance  optional? 

Yes. However,  families who do not buy the optional insurance will be responsible for the total cost of repairs or replacement.  

These costs include, but are not limited to: 

iPad Replacement Costs

  • Complete replacement  $299
  • Damaged device replacement   $200
  • Screen replacement  $100
  • Wall Charger  $12.99
  • Lightning Cable  $6.99

Can I sign up anytime? 

 The Insurance enrollment period is open for the duration of the school year.

What if I do sign up later? 

If families would like to purchase insurance after the initial device checkout, the student device must be inspected by the building administrator before a policy will be issued for the device. 

What happens if the iPad breaks?

If a device is damaged or otherwise inoperable, the student must present the device to the school’s front office for inspection and repair. If, in the District’s determination, the issue is not related to the manufacturer’s warranty or the device shows signs of damage that may have caused inoperability, the total repair or replacement cost will be billed to the student and family.

If the student and family bought the optional insurance, the repair or replacement will be handled according to the plan set forth above. The District will not accept any devices that have been repaired by anyone other than the District’s Information Services Department.

What happens while the iPad is being repaired?

In the event repair or replacement, students will be provided with a temporary device to use for classroom tasks until their original or replacement device is returned to their possession.