Mrs. Emerson

Homework is used for concept reinforcement/development.  Naturally, subject concepts will not be introduced through homework assignments.  Your child will usually have one math worksheet to complete for homework during the week.  Incomplete or sloppy class work may also be sent home for either completion or to be redone.  In addition to the homework worksheet, each child needs to spend a minimum of 20 minutes reading each night.  I can not emphasize enough the importance of this practice to your child’s academic success.

FRIDAY  FOLDERS                                                                                     
Each week your child will bring home a manila folder on Friday.  This envelope will contain important information from both the school administration and me.  It will also include graded student work, and Scholastic book orders.  Please sign the top page to acknowledge that you did indeed receive the folder.  The folder is to be sent back to school with the student the following Monday.  In this way, I can be assured that you are in touch with what is happening in the classroom.  If you ever have questions or concerns about your child’s education, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  The school telephone number is 468-4616 and my email address is  

DISCIPLINE  POLICY                                                                                
I use several levels of rewards in my classroom.  Praise and appreciation is given frequently to encourage appropriate behavior.  When the whole class is on task and doing well I award the class points.  Twenty points will earn the class extra recess time or a class party.  When a table group follows directions quickly and quietly, they earn points for their table group.  The table group with the most points at the end of the week earns tickets for the weekly auction of treasure chest items.  Individuals can also earn tickets for the same auction by being a good example to their peers.

If I need to correct disruptive behavior, I usually give a verbal reminder or visual cue to stop.  If the behavior continues, the student will be asked to move their card on the “Go Above and Beyond with Good Choices” pocket chart.  Students will go to the “Hot Air Balloon” behavior chart that is located in the back of the room.  The procedure is to move their name from the green section to the yellow section which signifies caution.  This allows the student to remove themselves from the situation and think about their behavior.  It is also a visual representation of the personal warning given.  Sometimes I will remove a person from a table group if they are being too distractive to the others around them.  If disruptive behavior persists the student will be asked to move their card again.  The second move is to a red section which is a visual indicator to stop misbehaving.  With improved behavior, a student can move back to the yellow section.  The consequence of having a red card may be a loss of some recess time so the student and I can develop a plan to improve their behavior.  If misbehavior becomes severe or chronic, I will contact you for your assistance. 

There is also a multicolored hot-air balloon section.  This section is for students who were noticed performing unprompted positive or kind acts.  Please ask your child what color their name was next to on the behavior chart each day to show them you care about the way they behave at school.