Resources & Links
STUDENT INFO: students were given their username and passwords for these sites at the beginning of the year. They should be taped inside of each student’s agenda. We have worked hard to make sure any new students receive login information. If you cannot find your student’s information, please contact your student’s teacher so that she may give your student their login.

This is our school wide math fact fluency program. This site is for students to specifically practice their math fact skills. Students should green light at least 3x a week. Green light means they have spent “x” amount of time answering questions correctly in order to ensure they are learning their facts.

This site is for those who need to practice reading, language, vocabulary, and math skills. This is particularly great for students who need to review concepts already learned. It will automatically level the student so that they are working on concepts they need to practice, and is also useful for students wishing to go beyond requirements and challenge themselves.


This site is useful to practice math skills to make sure students are at mastery level. It is also a great way for students to enrich their learning by advancing through more difficult skills.


This is the 4
th grade reading log/comprehension homework website. Students need to use this site to log their reading minutes as well as answer at least one comprehension question about their book weekly.