Helpful School Supplies

The following is a list of school supplies and quantities that I have found to be very helpful throughout our year.  While the school district does have it's own suggested list that is supplied to stores and listed on our district website, the list that I have created is better suited for our specific class and lends itself better to what you child will be doing this year.  

2 boxes of #2 pencils (may be mechanical)
2 boxes of 12 count colored pencils (NOT one box of 24)
1 pair of pointed tip scissors
1 pink pearl or white eraser
1 pencil box
2 boxes of tissues (Kleenex, etc)
2 spiral notebooks
1 composition notebook
8 or more Elmer's glue sticks
1 package fine tip washable markers
3 dry erase markers (Expo - fine tip dark colors)
2 red ink pens
2 black ink pens
2 blue ink pens
2 two pocket folders (one red, the other your choice)
1 pair of earbuds to be used with technology (these will stay at school) (you can purchase these at the Dollar Store)
1 box of Ziplock bags (last name A-M gallon, last name N-Z quart)
2 disinfecting wipes
1 hand sanitizer