Policies, Rules, and Expectations
In our classroom, and at Owyhee in general, we have a high expectation for student behavior.  We expect our students to uphold the values of responsible and respectful young men and women and following these guidelines will enhance that ability.  Below you will find several rules and expectations that we will be teaching and expect to see from  your children while they are here at Owyhee.

Our Classroom-
Students will be expected to follow the student created classroom rules.  Students will also be expected to be respectful and kind to one another.  If all students are able to do this, students will have a positive and safe learning environment where they are free to answer questions, try new things, and grow new friendships.

Students will be expected to turn in all homework assignments the following morning.  Your child will likely have homework daily Monday thru Thursday.  They will also be bringing home an agenda for you to view and sign on those days.

Students will be given daily work to complete.  This work will be "due" by Friday of that week. Students will know and understand that they will have plenty of classroom time to complete their work assigned throughout the week.  All missing assignments will be counted and reported on their quarterly report cards.

Technology in the Classroom-
Students are welcome to and encouraged to bring their technology to class.  Prior to doing that, however, you, their guardian, must sign and return the technology usage agreement.  In short it reads that students will not be allowed to take their technology outside of the classroom, they will not be allowed to share it, and they will still be expected to navigate school approved sites.  Students will be able to use their technology only after class work has been completed and at approved tech time.  Students will not be able to take photos or videos of peers without their prior consent.  The failure to follow these rules will result in the loss of their technological device and privilege.

Schoolwide Expectations-
At Owyhee Elementary, students are taught different rules and expectations throughout our school. There are different policies and procedures for areas like the hallway, bathrooms, playground, and cafeteria.  These rules are created to keep everyone safe and designed with making our school an efficient and cooperative place to be. 

Nampa School District School Policies-
The following is a link to our district's school policies.  Please read this document to ensure that both you and your child is comfortable with the expectations, policies, and procedures.