Miss Keller's Music Room

At Owyhee Elementary, we LOVE music! Here are some fun musical activities that allow you to create, arrange, and discover so much musical magic! The suggested grade levels are only suggestions based on things we have already learned in class. You can explore any of these! 
Check out this virtual music field trip to the New York Philharmonic! This site has places to learn about instruments, composers, and famous pieces of music! There are lots of games to play, too! 
Suggested Grade Levels: 2nd - 5th 
Best used on: Laptop/Desktop
NY Philharmonic KidZone
This fun instrument adventure has mystery, puzzles, listening activities, and more! To start, I would choose a local game. This way you don't have to create an account and you can still save your work and come back to it later. 
Suggested Grade Levels: 3rd - 5th
Best used on: Laptop/Desktop with Flash player
Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra
The Chrome Music Lab lets you make different experiments with music and sound. None of these experiments can be saved, but they sure are fun!
Suggested Grade Levels: Kinder - 2nd
Best used on: iPad or smartphone
Chrome Music Lab
Incredibox allows you to create funky cool beats by layering different sounds together. There are millions of songs to be made here! Choose your character, add layers, and listen! This one works best with headphones if you have them! 
Suggested Grade Levels: Kinder - 5th
Best used on: Laptop/Desktop but can be downloaded as an app on iPad
MusicPlay has so many things to do and learn!! This resource usually costs money to the school district but is currently free for home learners! Lucky us! To log in use this info:
Username: snow 
Password: 2020
Once you are logged in, there are thousands of things to do. This site works much better when you use a computer (some games are not available for iPad). In each game, you can choose your level (and even what kinds of notes you want to use). Some of you who take music lessons outside of school can really be challenged here! 
If you want to play poison patterns, choose "Rhythm Practice" from the menu of topics and you'll see "Poison Rhythm" to play. Choose your level and play with your family! 
Suggested Grade Levels: 4th - 5th (website is a little difficult to navigate but younger students could probably do it with help)
Best used on: Laptop/Desktop but also works on iPad
MusicPlay Online
The Variation Playgrounds allow you to mix and match short pieces of music to create your own songs! You are able to choose instruments and patterns to drag to the creation table. There are several different Playgrounds to explore. 
Suggested Grade Levels: 1st - 5th 
Best used on: iPad (Landscape Orientation)/Laptop/Desktop
Variation Playgrounds
If you're anything like me, you love playing instruments. With all of our favorite classroom instruments stuck at school, I found some ways for you to make your own! Each of the instruments will be made from things you probably have at home. If you don't have something, get creative! Each person in your family can make a different instrument and make a band! 
Suggested Grade Levels: Kinder - 5th 
Best used on: iPad/Laptop/Desktop
DSO Kids
Do you LOVE Pinkalicious?? Me too! Now you can be in a Pink-tastic band with her! This game lets you create your own instrument and then play in a band with her and Peteriffic and their friends! 
Suggested Grade Levels: Kinder - 1st 
Best used on: iPad/Laptop/Desktop 
Pink Perfect Band
Miss Keller sure wishes she was on the beach right now... but this game gets me a lot closer! This is a listening game. Listen to the pattern played by the octopus and choose the pattern that matches! How many can you get right in a row? Challenge a friend or family member! 
Suggested Grade Levels: Kinder - 1st 
Best used on: iPad/Laptop/Desktop
Bubble Beats
Google-Creatability allows you to control the music with your body! Similar to Chrome Music Lab, you first choose an experiment and then let your imagination run wild! This website will be fun for your whole family! If you make something amazing, ask your parents to record it and send it to me! 
Suggested Grade Levels: Kinder - 5th 
Best used on: iPad/Laptop/Desktop
Your friends from Sesame Street want to make music with you! Choose a character to play a musical game with them. Each game lets you create, play, and have fun! 
Suggested Grade Levels: Kinder - 2nd 
Best used on: iPad/Laptop/Desktop
Monster Music